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NHL All Star Fan Festival in Vancouver

About Me


I am a sports photographer currently working for Junior B Grandview Steelers Hockey Team, and a diehard Vancouver Canucks fan. Also I am on assignment with the Vancouver Ultimate League as well as a few other clients. I’m up for any project though and new assignments! Let’s Chat!

Quick Bio (10 words): Creative, easy-going, respect, nature, earthy, sweaters, sports, gamer, Canadian…

…and I love to take photos!



My Story

I really am a fortunate guy. My mother loves photos and my dad loves taking them. What we ended up with was albums upon albums full of family memories. There’s literally a bookshelf full of albums from when my parents immigrated to Canada to now. The albums are priceless full of childhood memories. From photos of just us around the different houses we grew up in, the few vacation trips we took, and important events such as birthdays and the Christmas holidays. There’s the obligatory naked baby bath photos of me and my sister to one of my all time favourites, a young kid in a bomber jacket, aviators and a wooden toy rifle. It was a different world back then, my dad had his trusty Canon AE-1 film camera and a lot of film canisters. A lot of trips and time spent at London Drugs too.

These family heirlooms really are the building blocks of why I love to take photos. I love capturing these special moments, I love the creative process. The craft, the technical skills, the creative freedom, the problem solving. All of it. The game has definitely changed and it’s definitely been challenging, however it’s something I love to do (and I’m really glad I don’t have to pay for film anymore!).

Being a sports photographer, it is so much fun! I enjoy the technical challenge of catching the action through the lens. I am counting my lucky charms as I currently work for a Grandview Steelers, Junior B Hockey Team in the Pacific Junior Hockey League, as the principle photographer, videographer and social media. Two seasons ago, I had the pleasure of working for the Langley Knights (now known as the Surrey Knights in the PJHL) as their team photographer and videographer. I also work with some great organizations such as the Vancouver Ultimate League and SportMed BC. My ultimate dream would be one day photographing the NHL Stanley Cup Finals… maybe take a photo with the real Stanley Cup.


Photography has also been a big part of my travels. Most recently a destination wedding in Mexico! It was my first time to the sunny beaches and lots of good memories. I’ve carried my gear into Thailand through the jungles of Chang Mai and Bangkok. I went on an urban adventure to visit some friends in South Korea, trips to humid rainforest of Vietnam to visit families. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the south shores of New Zealand. I’ve gone on adventures all over the Bahamas islands and the islands of Hawaii. Trips across Canada and all over the United States including a road trip up the Alaskan Highway ending in Fairbanks Alaska!

There are so many more places to go… Iceland… Africa… South America… Europe… Russia… My next travel adventure looks to be making it out to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Go pay a visit to the polar bears and the northern lights.

IMG_8233 One of my favourite personal photos was an adventure I will not forget. It has always been one my dream to not only see the milky way, but to photograph it. You see these phenomenal photos of the milky way from time to time on the various social streams, and it was a reminder that I really wanted my own! Me and my friend have talked about the process and the plan. Luckily one day, we finally pulled the trigger.

My dream were fulfilled. I cannot describe the tranquillity of it all, the quiet peaceful sound in the middle of the night, the raw natural escapism from urban cities, the pure wonder and curiosity of what’s beyond my reach, and just the authentic moment of appreciation. I am fortunate to be able to share these precious moments with one of my closest friends and that makes it so much sweeter. During this unforgettable adventure, it was a great reminder while watching shooting stars streak across the night sky in a blink of an eye; enjoy the process, the planning, and the execution.

I recently participated in and took part in the #ChallengeOnNaturePhotography challenge from my fellow photographer and friend Neil Fisher. It was a fun challenge and something I hope to do every year. The game was to post an image of nature for seven days and nominate someone each day to do the same. I had this miracles idea that I should post a new nature photo within 24 hours of the last photo. I had some challenging moments but I survived all 7 days!

This also explains the crazy notion that I willingly on my own will decided to not only walk the entire sea wall around Vancouver, I would carry all my camera time lapsing gear with me for extra fun. I started at 2 am on August 10, 2013 from Davie and Pacific, walked past Spanish Banks West. Waited for the sunrise full rain and lightning and ended home at 1:30 am on August 11, 2013.

View my video on Youtube at I am thinking about doing this again or something similar… We’ll see what the future holds.

Speaking of the future, I’m always up for new projects and new opportunities! ┬áPlease reach out to me if you think I would be a good fit through my contact page!

Client List:
Grandview Steelers Junior Hockey
Whistler 5 on 5 Ultimate Tournament
Vancouver Ultimate League
Vancouver Aquarium
SportMed BC
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Wild Lilies Gala
SalaThai Thai Restaurant
UBC Women’s Hockey
Urban Rec
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – BC/Yukon
Vancouver 5 on 5 Ultimate Tournament
David Suzuki Foundation
Nordstrom Vancouver
Flag 604 – Vancouver Flag Football
Langley Knights Junior Hockey
Action Volleyball Club U16 Girls
Elizabeth Stanley Event Design
Canadian Ultimate Championship
DNVS Design Inc
V Lounge
CityChase Vancouver
Great Canadian Chill

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